Blog Ename abbey

Visualisation of the abbey of Ename

This blog shows the process of the virtual reconstruction of the abbey of Ename, based upon many years of excavations, historical research and study of historical landscapes. It shows the sources, the assessment of the sources and the conclusions made.

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Ename 1020

Ename around year 1000

This blog is about the history of Ename around the year 1000. Ename is today a village in the Flemish part of Belgium, but shortly before the year 1000, it transformed in a short time from a rural domain into an important trade settlement and military stronghold. But this early city did not live long, from 1063 onwards it turned into a Benedictine abbey.

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World War I Heritage

This blog is about the 3D visualisation of the German coastal defense system in Raversyde, Belgium during the first World War.

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The Egmont castel

This blog tells the story of the rich history of the Egmont Castle, from a reinforced residential site in the eleventh and twelfth century to a fortress in the thirteenth and fourteenth century and its transformation into a residential castle in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

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Etruscanning Regolini-Galassi

Etruscanning - Regolini Galassi

This blog supports the virtual reconstruction of the Etruscan Regolini-Galassi tomb. This virtual reconstruction brings together the objects which are preserved in the Vatican museum (Museo Gregoriano Etrusco), the actual tomb in Cerveteri (close to Rome) and the reports and interpretations of this extraordinary tomb that was excavated in 1836.

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Etruscanning Monte Michele

Etruscanning - Monte Michele

This blog presents the Etruscanning project on the Monte Michele tomb n. 5 in Veio. The aim of the project is not only to recontextualise the objects found in the tomb and now preserved in the National Museum of Villa Giulia, but also to open the possibility to visitors to discover in a virtual way the archaeological site together with the archaeologist who excavated it.

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Landscape reconstruction

Landscape Reconstruction

This blog shows the steps for a procedural landscape reconstruction.

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digital restoration

Digital Restoration

This blog shows the researches behind and the main steps required in a work of digital restoration on artifacts and buildings.

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